Dear Colleague,

I am honored to invite you to the INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON SEARCHING FOR THE NEW FORM AND METHODOLOGIES IN ACADEMIC STUDIES/PUBLISHING, which we will organize on October 18-20, 2023 within the scope of the project titled “Creating Content and Index Criteria for Scientific and Artistic Video Articles” supported under the TUBITAK 3005 Program.

As we enter a new decade of the twenty-first century, we are witnessing the rapid transformation of scientific and artistic forms of expression with digital technologies and their reshaping beyond traditional norms. With the spread of technological applications through easy accessibility, it is predicted that digital literacy, which is considered as a special acquisition today, would turn into literacy that we use for written texts in the process.

Today, while education proceeds with new teaching materials in primary and secondary education, how the new generation of students whom we accept as digital citizens would learn and express themselves in higher education, whether higher education is pedagogically prepared for this process, on the other hand, whether current academic studies in the fields like social sciences, art and design would be limited to traditional text (written articles, books, etc.) while being supported by audio-visual elements such as graphics, pictures, sounds, etc., how the new generation of academic forms of expression such as AUDIOVISUAL ESSAYS/ARTICLES would affect the quality of knowledge and by what criteria they would be included in academic publishing, and how they would be interpreted within a methodological context are the important questions that we deal with.

We would seek answers to these and similar questions under the session titles as in the list below:

Digital Literacy in Primary and Secondary Education

Digital Literacy in Higher Education 

New Generation Pedagogical Methods and Methodologies 

Audio-Visual Articles as a New Generation Academic Publication Example, Videographic Criticism

Although the headings are listed above you could send your papers according to the general title of new formats and methodologies in academic studies/publishing to   until August 01, 2023. As a result of the peer review, the full papers would be published in the Symposium Book.

Within the scope of the symposium, a separate event is planned under BLACKHALL EVENTS for Audio-Visual Essays/Articles with a Workshop. We are happy to see you among us with your audio-visual essay /article works at BlackHall Events, which would be a crucial part of the symposium.

In this international symposium held for the first time in this field in Turkey, we believe that the special presentations of your valuable works produced in the video-essay form would make significant contributions to the questions and problems in the respected field. Our event is open to the participation of researchers, students, and academicians who express and would like to express themselves in audio-visual forms.

If the submitted works comply with the technical specifications stated below and pass the peer review process, they would be displayed at Mahal Sanat within the scope of the BlackHall Events that will take place on September 19. Selected audio-visual essays/articles would be published in CINEMEDIA, Turkey’s first international audio-visual journal, in line with peer reviews.

Deadline for submission of works: August 20, 2023

Announcement of selected works: September 10, 2023

* There should be a written text containing minimum 1000 words regarding the submitted work. Short Bio of the creator of the works and the  Vimeo link / video password to which the image will be uploaded should be included in the submitted text for peer review.


  • Deadline for Paper Submission: 1 August 2023

  • Announcement of Accepted Papers: 10 September 2023

  • Deadline for Full Text Submission: 30 November 2023

  • Deadline for Video Essay / Article Submission: 20 August 2023

  • Anouncement of Accepted Video Essays / Articles: 10 September 2023