Project, titled “Creating Content and Index Criteria for Scientific and Artistic Video Essay/Articles” supported by TÜBİTAK 3005, team participated in the “Videoessays and Academic Filmmaking: Practices, Pedagogies and Potentials, Hybrid symposium” symposium held at Aarhus University, Denmark, on 8-10 November 2022. The symposium was structured as three main sessions.

In the first session, there were discussions, especially on videographic ways of thinking. The first speaker of the session was Allan O’Leary, one of the pioneers of the field. In his presentation, O’Leary discussed experimental filmmaking, videographic criticism, essay film, academic filmmaking, and found footage films. The second speaker of the first session was Catherine Grant, another pioneer in the field. In her presentation titled “The Practice of Filmmaking Research”, Grant provided important information and tips about how she designed video articles/essays.

The second session continued with the presentations of two important names in the field, Christian Keathley and Jason Mittell. In this session, Keathley and Mittell presented their pedagogical methods for video article/essay production.

In the third and final session, the researchers held a discussion moderated by Catherine Grant, in which they shared their experiences and starting points in their past studies. The symposium ended with this session.